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    APAC Investment Consultancy is your guide to investing in the Asian energy sector
    We have been working in the Asia-Pacific energy sector since 2010 and help arrange project financing and M&A assistance for LNG, LNG/gas-to-Power, electricity, and increasingly (solar and wind) sectors and GreenTech startups.
    We facilitate assess to capital for projects and help them reach investment ready bank-ability by addressing various risks using financial de-risking instruments. We also have tools to help projects obtain bankable project data investors are looking for. We develop a capital stack or financial structure for each individual project which can include senior debt, subordinated debt, hybrid instruments, preferred equity and common equity.
    We help investors identify credit worthy bankable projects that meet their investment and risk criteria for either project financing or projects ready for acquisition. We work with investors of all sizes, including , pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, investment groups, banks, producers, trading house, utilities and others.

    Our extensive list of both governmental and commercial stakeholders on the national and provincial level can help investors make informed investment decisions. 
    We also keep up to date on legal and regulatory changes and offer due diligence and risk analysis for potential stakeholders and invetors keen on investing in the region's energy sector.
    We are a US-based firm with our Asian offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's business hub. We are also registered as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in Vietnam. For more information how we can best serve your needs please hit the Contact Us button.

    Your guide to investing in the region's energy sector
    We’ve provided consulting and advisory services for some of the largest oil and gas majors in the US and Australia, including California-based Chevron Corp and its Asian subsidiaries and UK and Singapore-based energy consultancies Enerdata, KBR and Critical Resource.
    Currently, we are working to provide funding for an LNG storage tank project in China, a wind project in Vietnam and marketing US LNG volumes in Vietnam.
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    Vietnam cuts back on LNG, coal-fired power projects after net zero pledge, goes long on wind power

    Vietnam is looking to reduce the share of fossil fuels, including natural gas and coal, in its future energy mix, while renewables will rise in line with its recent net zero pledge and as securing global funding for fossil fuel projects becomes harder.

    The most significant change is the pipeline of new LNG-based power projects being cut by nearly half, dampening expectations that Vietnam will be the next big market for LNG in Southeast Asia and raising questions about the role of gas in Southeast Asia's energy transition.

    S&P Global Platts Nov. 24, 2021

    Applying Grid Enhancing Technologies to Accelerate Renewable Energy Development


    Countries that are rapidly increasing their renewables capacity with associated grid and transmission overload problems can gain additional capacity out of existing electric transmission systems and help unlock stalled renewable energy projects.
    How? By deploying grid-enhancing technologies, according to a new report.
    This is acutely important for renewables infrastructure build-out as grid capacity could postpone and even cancel needed onshore and offshore wind power projects needed to offset the region's over-reliance on coal used for power generation.

    Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy in Vietnam

    Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination for investment in renewable energy in Southeast Asia due to its low-cost resources and natural advantages while the primary non-renewable energy sources have been struggling to fulfill the power needs of the country.
    As high demand of power supply leads to high capital requirements, the government has allowed 100% foreign ownership of Vietnamese companies in the energy sector and offers new tax incentives to attract foreign investment and retain the growth of Vietnam’s green power sector.
    Coal and LNG's price surge in Asia plays into renewable energy development
    A recent report compiled by Australia's science agency CSIRO and the Australian Energy Market Operator showed that the current capital cost of building a new coal-fired power plant using higher-grade fuel was about A$4,450 ($3,435) per kilowatt.
    A combined cycle gas-fired plant came in A$1,801 per kilowatt, while large-scale solar was A$1,408 and onshore wind was A$1,951.
    These market dynamics given even more incentive for less capex intensive and cheaper to operate solar and wind projects.
    Vietnam to increase wind and solar power
    In February 2021, the Vietnamese government released a draft of the country’s latest power development plan (PDP 8), for 2021 to 2030. The draft expands wind and solar capacity and increases their shares of the country’s generation mix. It also prioritizes enhancing grid infrastructure to ensure stable operation with a higher share of renewables.
    PLEASE NOTE: Offshore wind development, while not the focus of the EIA update, is still at its early developmental stages in Vietnam. As such, APAC Energy and potential stakeholders including the World Bank Group, Danish Energy Agency, USAID, and others are calling for the government to create a formal roadmap to help the country develop offshore wind and attract international technical expertise and much needed FDI.
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